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Scientific Sessions

1. Cell Biology and Molecular Biology

2. Cellular Biochemistry and Pharmacology

3. Cellular Metabolism Immunology

4. CRISPR and Gene Editing

5. Disease Modelling and Drug Discovery

6. DNA and RNA Transcription

7. Genetic and Genomics Engineering

8. Mitochondrial Biology Energy Production

9. Molecular Cell and Molecular Biotechnology

10. Molecular Medicine, Genetics Biomarkers

11. Nanotechnology

12. Plant Molecular Biology

13. Scaffolds and Tissue Regeneration

14. Stem Cells

15. Tissue Culture, Injury and Cell Therapy

16. Transitional Medicine

17. Cancer Cell Biology Cancer Cell Therapy

18. Organoids and 3D Cell Culture Models

19. Artificial Organ Transplantation

20. Cell Death and Survival

21. Cell Signaling and Regulation

22. DNA Replication and Repair

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